School Attraction

Emphasis on games, both indoor and outdoor, large play ground and nursery garden well decorated
with educative pictures.

Provision of music class, song practice, learning tabla, organ, dholak , etc

Arrangement of daily spoken English class for half an hour.

Drawing practice with different novelties and innovations in the field of art and crafts.

A well arranged computer lab is an attraction in itself.

The Digital class room will enhance the sphere of knowledge as it is empowered
by pictures and sounds.

The Digital Cameras in all class rooms help the principal to have a remote control all over .

A small library has been setup to feed the inquisitive minds that thirst for knowledge.

There is facility of purified water for each and every in the school.

The new school building will supply enough security and amenities with cool
and refreshing atmosphere.

The vehicle facility will enable the children to get together from each and every
corner of the city.

The school is an ISO 9001-2008 certified first school in the city.

All Saturdays are so lively teeming with spirit of enthusiasm as they are intended
to demonstrate a range of activities .